After taking a walk through the winding streets of old Geneva or a shopping marathon in Les Rues Basses, lose yourself into the vibrant world of the tearoom L’Oranger. Enjoy the colorful terrace and the café’s warm atmosphere all year round. Complete your wonderful break with a delicious treat: our famous « Pignon genevois » with a homemade exquisite hot chocolate named « L’Excellent »… for very good reasons !


We have a passion for great tasting food and drinks. Come to L’Oranger and choose among our carefully, handpicked selection of the best Pure Origins coffees from all over the world. Blue Mountain or Kopi-Luwak taste just like setting out on a journey out of time. You will also be able to savor a full portfolio of special tea blends to make you live a tremendous Russian or Liaisons Dangereuses experience.


We know good life goes way beyond pastries and sweets, that’s why the Chef in his cosy kitchen is crafting hot and cold meals throughout the day. Experience the wonderful King Crab Salad with its special L’Oranger dressing or the Unilateral organic Salmon delightfully grilled on one side and tender on the other. And to finally kick your meal up a notch, savor a scrumptious Medjool date filled with chocolate cocoa, caramel or orange blossom.


Whether you are taking a break in the middle of a long day of sightseeing or shopping, meeting together with friends, or looking for an exciting place to get creative for your work, the tearoom L’Oranger is the must go-to place for you.


Come in, we cannot wait to have you with us!