Precious and infinitely soft, Manidou shawls are like talismans. Messages of love and protection, each one is marked with a symbol borrowed from magic and legends… because when you really care about someone, you would like to offer more than a mere gift to show them how you feel.


Chic and bohemian, wild and romantic, Manidou draws inspiration from nature, selecting the softest fibres so that its shawls are like caresses. Silk, cashmere or modal, the materials join with words in a mystical universe where lightness and softness reign."





"Fanny Caluori has been passionate about textiles from an early age. Since her parents owned several stores in a large Italian clothing chain, she already developed a marked taste for fashion when she was only small.


Her studies, however, took her in a completely different direction and she obtained her Bachelors degree in International Relations at the University of Geneva. But that doesn’t mean that she lost interest in fashion and design, which remained an important part of her life. With her passion for beautiful things, Fanny worked for three years for a Swiss brand of jewellery and watchmaking before completing a Masters in Fashion, Experience & Design Management at Bocconi University in Milan. It was at this time that the idea for Manidou first took root.


Before embarking on this great adventure, Fanny made another detour via Florence, where she worked on the launch of a new range of jewellery at Salvatore Ferragamo.


In 2012, the young designer returned to Switzerland in order to realize her project and invite us into her world, cradled in myths and legends.


Manidou is all about journeys and powerful symbols borrowed from different cultures, but it is also about Fanny’s personal story and her passion. That is why she has taken the greatest care when choosing the materials and weavers with which she works. So that each one of you can wear her dreams around your neck."