Lionel Meylan owns two boutiques in the Old Town in Vevey and one on the very top of Glacier 3000.

A visit to one of Lionel Meylan’s boutiques is an opportunity to discover fascinating watches and jewellery that are the stuff of dreams.

And above all, to meet a team that is both authentic and professional and for whom giving advice is a true passion.

For the past 25 years, the Meylan family has been representing the finest watchmaking and jewellery brands in the heart of the lakeside town of Vevey.


Their tenets are sharing, passing on and respect. Sharing their passion and their knowledge, first and foremost, from which their customers benefit daily. Next, passing on tradition, which plays an implicit part in their world, a world governed by a clever blend of traditional watchmaking and modernity. Finally, respect for their customers and fine watchmaking, with full transparency.