A heritage of purity, precision and scientific expertise

It all began in Montreux, Switzerland, beneath the majestic summits of the Alps. This historic land by the ancient shores of Lake Leman was home to the Clinique La Prairie. There, a brilliant doctor believed that science would one day unlock the secret of eternal youth.


After years of research, he found a way to restore and prolong health and vitality. His ideas were revolutionary and unconventional, yet so effective that they became a cult secret, whispered about in the circles of nobility, royalty and celebrity. The Clinique La Prairie became a pristine sanctuary of rejuvenation, a place where time stood still.


The exclusive  cellular complex

On its eternal quest for timeless beauty, La Prairie took inspiration from the clinic’s advanced treatments to create its exclusive Cellular Complex with age-fighting ingredients of both biotech and botanical origin. This precious complex provided nutrients such as glycoproteins, ginseng root and horsetail extracts to help revitalize, energize and deeply moisturize the skin. As the basis of nearly every formula since the very beginning, the Cellular Complex is La Prairie’s age-defying, life-infusing science signature.


An exquisite fusion of swiss science, art and rare ingredients

A long history of creating luxurious, unparalleled skincare collections. From the debut of the first Cellular Eye Cream in 1978, La Prairie Switzerland has been creating magic, always on a quest for the most unique and precious ingredients:


 - Caviar from the bountiful sea, for legendary lift

-  Gold from the depths of the earth, for the look of instant skin perfection

-  Platinum from a distant star, for ultimate rejuvenation


With advanced cellular science, these rare and beneficial ingredients are then transformed into creations so irresistible, with textures so sensual that the formulations have become the most coveted on earth.


Skincare essentials


La Prairie skincare intercepts aging at its source. Each precious skincare formula is an offering of exquisite texture infused with rare and beneficial ingredients featuring the most advanced Swiss biotechnology. All of the La Prairie cellular skincare treatments share one thing – a luxurious experience and remarkable age-defying properties.


La Prairie’s selling philosophy, “the essentials”, allows for the creation  of an individualized skincare plan that answers every client’s need or desire. Whichever La Prairie formula your client chooses, we recommend the perfect face cream, serum, eye cream, and foundation. This selling philosophy represents what La Prairie believes to be the ideal client purchase pattern and a critical element towards building brand equity in everyday business. These daily use products bring results quickly and create a bond between the customer and La Prairie, setting the stage for lifetime loyalty.


Whatever the need or desire, with the essentials, you’ll help your client find the solution to uncovering the most beautiful skin and experience the promise of timeless beauty, fulfilled.