An adventurer with a passion for precious stones and pearls, Fred Samuel spent his life roaming the world, on a mission to make women everywhere even more beautiful. He grew up in Argentina, and the bright light, ever-present ocean and mellow energy of South America stayed with him always, becoming central themes in his work. Swept up in the turbulence of 1930s Paris, Fred drew inspiration from the artists around him and shared his passion for jewelry with some of the great names of the 20th century. In the 1950s, he discovered the attraction of gemstones and colored diamonds and became the favorite jeweler of Middle Eastern princes. An avid sportsman, his love of sport also influenced his creations, including the trailblazing Force 10 collection. In 1995, the jewelry House began a new chapter in its story, joining the LVMH group. Today, the FRED brand continues to epitomize an unconditional love of gemstones, pearls and golden light, creating collections that burst with radiant elegance.