Dupin 1820

Architecture & Manufactures


Founded in Geneva, the family company Dupin 1820 controls all stages of the realization of architectural and interior design project that are entrusted to it, as well classical as contemporary styles, both in Switzerland and in Europe, in Asia, the Middle East and United States.

Thanks to its skills of overall site management, it offers its customers the convenience of having a single contact throughout the process.



In the headquarters of Dupin 1820 in Geneva, all its teams are groupe dunder one roof and deploy their talents with the help of its 8artisan workshops : architects, interior designers, decorators, kitchen designers, creator of materials, master craftsmen, woodworkers, seamstress an duphol sterers, painters, wallpapering and floor layers.


With a rich experience of soon 200 years, Dupin 1820, known for its expertise and its constant pursuit of excellence, continues an artisanal tradition which is becomings carce.


This earn edit very of ten asked to manage projects abroad, where it expertise « Made in Geneva » is highly appreciated.