Bongénie Geneva

 In  Geneva  since  1891,  Bongénie  is  the  most  important  luxury  shop  in  the  city, displaying a beautiful and vast selection of fashion brands for both man and woman: Armani,  Balenciaga,  Brunello  Cucinelli,  Chanel,  Gucci,  Stella  McCartney,  Valentino and many others. More than just a sales area, Bongénie store is designed to promote a certain art of living —  an invitation to linger, explore and discover. Elegant decors give each floor and every corner its own welcoming atmosphere. Our restaurant, BG Café and our BG Lounge complete the facilities of the store, with a light and creative cuisine  in  an  urban  ambience.  The  BG  Lounge  has  also  a  smoking  room  with  an amazing lake view.



Mon - Fri:  9h30 – 19h00 Thurs:  9h30 – 20h30 Satur:  9h30 – 18h00



 Bongénie34 rue du Marché   1204 Genève

T. +41 22 818 11 11 Car : Parking du Mont-Blanc

Bus : Rue de la Rôtisserie  Bus : n°1

/ 5 (arrêt Molard)  Tram : n°12 / 16 (arrêt Molard)