A Swiss company for Middle East business links and concierge services exclusively in both Europe and Switzerland with full understanding of the Middle Eastern culture and needs.

Middle East VIP, founded in 2007, is a Swiss company, registered by Swiss law, based in Geneva. Ever since the company established, it keeps on offering services in two main lines: Private Concierge Services and Corporate Business Links and Communities. The company has always been growing on a constant level of percentage every year, and that is one of its successful key and being very interesting for our clients to work with.


By offering a private membership subscription to our individual clients especially those who are from the Middle East, we are always able to provide our Middle East members a 24/7 luxury and concierge services, such as but not limited to:


- Flat rental.

- Finding suitable schools for your children.

- Investment follow-up.

- Searching for unique wedding.

- Private consultation.

- Unique experiences (hotels, restaurants, events… etc.).


Those services will never be away from understanding your unique culture and needs.


The company's goal, plan and strategy are to establish successful business and personal links between Switzerland, Europe and the Middle East for both entrepreneurs and individuals. That's why Middle East VIP is being known as one of the best business communities in Geneva.





Middle East VIP was established by Miss Nagatt Abdou AI Zuheiri, European citizen. Nagatt has a Master in Economy and Sociology as she said she always wanted to create a company for customers and companies who share the same needs and increase the link between Europe and the Middle East.


She created this company to help busy people in the Middle East travelling all over the world and increase at the same time their business with the networking of Middle East VIP in order that they can have leisure time wherever they want. She is passionate by Economy and Arab and French litterature and places where she finds all what Arabs like «Exceptional landscapes, secrecy, high level of technicity and education, marvellous and historic brands and a warm welcome in exceptional hotels». She likes improving in different skills such as languages in English, Arabic and French.


Since more than 10 years, Nagatt helps underprivileged mothers and children by giving essential medicines to pediatric department and organized meetings, conferences and trips with French doctors. She’s the vice president of Linkchild association which aim is to help mothers and children who suffer from illness and poverty.