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About CEO / Founder
Nagatt Abdulkareem AI Zuheiri

Nagatt Abdulkareem AI Zuheiri. CEO of Middle East VIP, created the company on July 2007, in Geneva.

Nagatt has a Master in Economy and Sociology as she said she always wanted to create a company for customers and companies who share the same needs, and increase the link between Europe and the Middle East. The aim is to help busy people in the Middle East travelling all over the world, and increase at the same time their business with the networking of Middle East VIP in order that they can have leisure time wherever they want.

Nagatt is passionate by Arab and French literature and places where she finds all what Arabs like "Exceptional landscapes, secrecy, high level of technicity by the new technologies, travels and education, marvelous and historic brands and a warm welcome in exceptional hotels".

Since more than 10 years. she created Linkchild association to help underprivileged mothers and children who suffer from illness and poverty, by giving essential medicines to pediatric department and organized meetings, conferences and trips with French doctors.

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Middle East VIP
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Our Vision

Your Imagination Is Our Only Service Limitation
Our business links are the keys to your success. We have the right partners in the right places with full understanding of the Middle Eastern culture and needs.

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